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Yabby Lake 'Digital' Gift Voucher

Yabby Lake 'Digital' Gift Voucher
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A gift voucher delivered immediately via email (electronic delivery only).

Available from $50 - $1000. Select the value of your gift via the drop down.  

Gift vouchers are valid for three years. They can be redeemed in our restaurant or cellar door (by presenting a copy of the email) or website (by entering the gift voucher code upon checkout).   

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS for checkout, to ensure the email is addressed to your recipient. As follows:

1.     The first section you will need to complete is the 'Shipping Information'. These are the details of the recipient

-  Birth date (of recipient - must be over 18 years)

- First Name and Last Name of who it is going to (this name will appear on the email voucher)

-  Address/City/State/Postcode/Phone: These are all compulsory fields but are not used for email delivery (so they can be your details)

-  Email - please provide the email address you would like the gift voucher to be sent to (your choice - have it sent to you, or directly to recipient).

-  Gift Message - Tick this box (optional) and include a written message to appear on the email

2. You will then go through to Payment details, please complete this and underneath you will see a statement "Billing address the same as Shipping" - with the box ticked, you MUST untick this box and fill in new "Billing Address" with your details (This name is what will appear in the 'From' section' of the voucher and order confirmation will be sent here, not voucher)

3. Fill in your details for Billing, including an email for order confirmation.  Then confirm order!

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